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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cow, Bull Gored Ox Year - 2009 and a Decade in Passing

In less than twelve hours, I'd be among the thousand revellers ushering in 2010 in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur - The weather is at the moment overcast, perhaps the heavens is passing its judgement on how BolehLand has fared the past year and decade - the cheer, hope and peace seems to have gone dull, grayish, the sunshine overshadowed by dark clouds. The unkind weather some say man's own doing, slowly strangling its own piece of earth, perhaps the only living planet in this part of the galaxy!

Just like in BolehLand, the past year has been overshadowed by some of the darkest unimaginable events and incidences, man's doing that any act of God though some seem to always attribute it to fate, a fatalistic and easy way to disregard responsibility and blame it on the Almighty.

If you ask me the 10 things or issues that hit me, the most significant in the past year, I'd like to list it as it comes flash instantly in the mind, no pause, no reflection, just instant recall. These are:

1.Political crisis and Dirty politics - Perak, Pakatan, MCA, MIC, UMNO
2. Selective prosecution against demonstrations, gathering and personalities
3. Corruption and Scandals, PKFZ, AG's Report, Missing Jet Planes
3. 1 too many 1Malaysia
4. Statutory Declarations and Countless police reports
5. Racial and religious sensitives - cow head, face stomping, Allah & Herald, Ketuanan, Pendatang
6. Hypocrisy of politicians, ministers, moral squad
7. Education and Language - demise of English Language
8. Flip-flop policies
9. Deaths, Murder & Conspiracy - MACC & TBH, Altantuya, Sujitha, Kugan
10. No change even with promise of change!

2009 BolehLand was like a jungle, an animal farm of sorts.

2009 a year of bullheads and butting in BolehLand

Though it was the year of the OX, the amphibians, basically frogs and snakes ruled causing havoc in a tin state taking away the sheen from Pakatan's sliverware they won in 2008.

The smell of old rot permeated the Pakatan camps with demands based on race and religion and those vying for greed and power honed their 'silat' skills to vanquish opponents within and in opposing party.

It was the year of the OX, when cow heads were paraded and the cow-wa-banga squad were absent against those who raised religious and racial sensitivities.

Official explanations on controversies revealed more cow brains and bulls*#% that came out of the mouths of ministers, politicians, top cop, top MACC, religious heads, with a convert or two forgetting their ancestry origin.

It was a year, when the bullheads herded the communities into a 'ketuanan herd' and a 'pendatang' herd and trampled on basic rights of communities who were given equal rights and opportunities under the Constitution.

It was a year of by-elections, buying people and a good bye to all the billions promises for the losing party.

It was a year when opponents showed their power based on the police reports filing being made even for the slightest of utterance!

It was a year when transgressions exposed the hypocrisy of the voyeurs, perverts and moralists.

Seems there that BolehLand fellos preferred horn butting, butted derrier, rage, murder and disasters to surround them, than grab the bull by its horns and resolves the problems and issues affecting everyone.

Were there happy moments, yes certainly but sadly these were shared only at private and personal levels. Happy moments seemed boring and uninteresting to BolehLand. Even wanting to share joy and laughter also has risks, the biggest is the fear of moral squads striking without warning and without timing, of snatch thieves zapping away an innocent live over pittance of material gain.

Has the nation moved forward in terms of projecting a harmonious, tolerant, understanding and peace loving society? A cm perhaps and that may be a great KPI achievement considering that there was always fear the nation is backsliding into chaos and disunity.

Soon 2010 dawn of another decade and it is pointless to try and make new year resolutions when most of them are unachievable or rather like last years.

So given the past year and decade experiences, seems we are taking care of ourselves at least those who prefer not to continue using their crutches or those who have no choice but to depend on themselves. It's like living each day at a time in BolehLand these days and if you managed to see or get five good positive hugs, you would have done Eric Berne proud!

Here's good riddance to a year when the people was the matador, trying to avoid the cowdung, mad cow disease and the cows, bulls and oxen that were trying to gorge us and inflict us harm!

And in a bullfight the matador ultimately wins killing the bull, patience then right?

Happy New Year 2010 then and see you and thank you for visiting me and your comments, etc. Check out my new location in 2010 at YAHMEH!!!

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thank you God for Giving Me Life and Love
Forgive me for my wrong doings
And bless those who have gone before me
May You Give us Peace, Joy and Happiness
In this Land I call Home

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Foreign Investors Fear is Beyond Petty Crimes, Sir!

Who would think that part of the orientation for foreign investors (FIs) is a briefing by the police.

Anyone studying marketing or banking will be able to list out the kind of risks that must be taken into account when starting a business or giving loans to borrowers, undertake risk assessment, look at sovereign risks which all aspects including political system, politics and government, laws and the judiciary systems,taxation polices, financial institutions, even literary level and issues of safety and security.

FIs will have their own risk assessments and draw upon authoritative sources, such as rating agencies, even the CIA Factbook!, local news media as well as the embassy for information on the country they are going to invest in.

In BolehLand, the police is now part of the PR machinery to attract FIs and they are giving briefings on the safety aspects in the state. See story below.

This is good because at least the FIs will know the state of safety in the country and state, whether what they read about unexpected 'cow-head' demonstrations, rapes, deaths including accidental deaths, killings or injury by bag snatchers, terrorizing by rempets, road accidents, mayhem by killer motorists even landslides and collapse of man-made structures are really what happened. Or are only on sided bias reporting by anti-government or Pakatan bloggers!

Kudos to the police for their civic duty to correct the misconception FIs have on the state of safety in BolehLand and Johor. Pakatan States should also take the cue from Johor to hold similar briefings to FIs since the complaint is there is declining FDIs into Pakatan-held states. Safety concerns must be one of the major factors driving away FIs. Seems all the worse things occur or come out from the Pakatan States!

The odd thing about this briefing is what are the Malaysian embassies doing to correct those CNN, BBC, al-Jazerra, Malaysian Today, MalaysiaKini, Free Malaysia and the zillion blogs that, to the government are spreading lies and incorrect picture of 1Malaysia?! 

BolehLand's government has Bernama newswire. This mouthpiece of the government should be the source of authority, trustworthiness and confidence to the FIs for their 'correct' and balanced picture of what's really happening in BolehLand, right? But somethings not right if FIs are still getting the 'wrong' picture and 'confused' by the other sources. Surely if you believed something is the truth, say a Christian has strong faith in Jesus, he isn't going to be swayed by other Gods, prophets and Dan Brown right? Unless Bernama or the online MSMedia websites are something else to these FIs!

Compared to southern neighbour which has an efficient diplomatic services where it scans for anything published and negative reports on the Republic will trigger an immediate response and PR campaign on damage control as well as their famous 'suing' the pants off on anyone they think is maligning the Republic and leaders. Senior Lee is a stark example of the efficient squeaky clean and 'can-do-no-wrong' plastic-Republic's response to negative news on the nation.

For the police to do the diplomatic corps work suggests our PTD fellos are not doing what they should to project the 'true' picture of what 1Malaysia is, you know the 'Truly Asian', harmonious, open-house, eating satay, ketupat, smiling, happy multi costumes dancing image tourists are also shown in brochures and above the line ads.

If one can recall, there was a campaign to use the foreign embassies to give a true picture of what is really 'behind' the 'rear-end' issue concerning a defacto Pakatan leader.

Yes, as a FI, it does makes sense to know the kind of assurances on safety and security where one is investing or live in including bringing their family in.

But do FIs fear the petty crimes or show more fear for other issues like, what is the nation's transparency, corruption, efficiency level compared to world's ranking?

FIs from developed nations, which usually is the case, may feel upset with the inconvenience of road blocks, smell of tear gas on demonstrations seeking for abolition of draconian laws or fair and free elections or injustice against the tribes and other social issues. But they may show more worries on how the state respond to demonstrations, peaceful gatherings and vigils compared to what they experience back home.

FIs may face discomfort by demonstrations but will certainly cringe in horror on the way they have been told the nation as a modern moderate model religious states but gets to see the most despicable acts done at demonstrations, like the cow-head, off with the heard, effigy burning incidences. They are worried of the harshest of actions, such as whipping and they feel insecure over the moral policing on everyone irregardless of one's religious belief. Yes FIs do fear embarrassment and humiliation on a night out in a pub or restaurant may end in being picked up for urine and drug testing, or worse treated like an illegal or 'whore'!

FIs will not oppose to state action against disorderly behavior but they are alarmed over the state exercising selective prosecution against some groups over others.

FIs delight in generous incentives but it is meaningless if the government agencies and institutions are ineffective in their delivery. They bemoan the long length of time to start operations compared to neighbouring countries. And they are equally confused at the one too many one-stop centres being set up to reduce bureaucracy but lead to even more confusion and bureaucracy!

FIs seek a pool of local experts and competent professional educated workforce. They are not worried about quotas if the human capital they get meet their job requirements. FIs fear they have to import expertise from abroad or employ those who cannot communicate in a global language. They do not care about what language policy is used in the education system. China is all Mandarin but their FDIs is the envy of all nations. FIs need assurance that when they look for local human capital, they are able to find the best is still in the country than have migrated elsewhere or incompetent fellos forced upon them by some quota ruling!

FIs accept corruption exists anywhere and everywhere, but they are skeptical of the state's will and determination to reduce or eliminate it even with all the slogan shouting and promises to eradicate it. If they see it is ingrained in the political system, worse still in the parties that government the nation, how confident are they that corruption is absent in the private sector? FIs want to avoid being sucked into this culture as the order of the day to get their business going?!

Do the FIs fear more the crimes that are supposedly rampant because of false reporting or 'rumours spread by irresponsible people'? Reports of crimes, corruption and what have you are published in the MSMedia. Are we saying they are spreading falsehood.

Isn't the media playing it's social responsibility role by reporting on the state of crime in the nation or state so that it will help BolehLand fellos to be on the safe side and also evoke a call to action by those responsible for security, i.e. the police?

The public's cry over crimes committed is showing their concern that if nothing gets resolved, they can be also fall victims to similar crimes and can expect not to get protection or justice!

Yes, while safety aspect is given top priority to attracting FIs, do look at equally other issues that FIs place more importance when they undertake their own risk assessments before deciding to put their money here than elsewhere!

If BolehLand fails in the FIs initial risk assessments, the Johor police will not need to carry out any special meetings with FIs because there will not be any new FIs to speak to, right?

Heard at a special briefing in Johor

Officer: Today, I will ajar (teach) you on keselamatan.(safety)  How you can selamat diri (protect yourself) against mat rempits and handbag thieves. I will nasihat (advise) you on how to identify rempits and where handbag thieves strike.
FI: Excuse me, can you speak in Ingrish, I cannot understand Bahasa.
Officer:: Kita di nasihatkan cakap bahasa supaya tidak dianggap 'ganjil, ''weird-lah' oleh kerajaan. (We are advised to speak in Bahasa so that we are not considered 'weird' by the government'). 
FI: Hmmm, ehhh
Officer:: After habis (finish talking about) mat rempit and petty crime, I will ajar you on other keselamatan
FI: What other safety?
Officer:: When banjir (flooding) in Johor how to be safety. You know we got banjir in Johor, not only Johor, semua (all of) BolehLand when hujan (rain)....
Johor Police To Brief Foreign Investors Of Safety Aspects In The State
JOHOR BAHARU, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- Johor police are expected to organise a special meeting in January with foreign investors to brief them of the safety aspects in the state.
Johor Police Chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the meeting was aimed at elevating any wrong perception on the safety aspects in the state.
"A special team headed by me has been formed to brief the foreign investors. I hope they (foreign investors) will not be influenced by rumours spread by irresponsible people," he told reporters at the Johor Police Headquarters here on Wednesday after presenting Excellent Service Awards and Appreciation Certificates to officers and members of the public for providing excellent services throughout last year.
Mohd Mokhtar said foreign investors are very valuable individuals to the state as they help stimulate the economy and provide job opportunities for the local population.
As such, safety aspects must be given top most priority to encourage and attract more investors to the state, he said.- -- BERNAMA

Feeling Nutty After An Operation

Kuala Lumpur, 29 December 2009:  Victim Tan Khai Yien 29 showing the x-ray during the press conference at Michael Chong office this morning.A private hospital here left a nut in a woman’s body during spine surgery with metal implants using nuts and bolts last year. ... Sun, Dec 30, 2009

And we thought that private hospitals are better than government ones. Someone should drop a screw into the nut-case or rather check if he has a loose screw to let this happen! Seems she will be in distress and agony until it gets removed later, a year - ouch!

Government surgeons are actually better as they managed to discover this when an employee from Sungei Besi two year's back on route to Argentina complained about chest pains in two spots. Doctors sent him to a government hospital and the x-ray revealed this shocking image below.

Latest report is somehow the man managed to later board a flight to Argentina as doctors said the discovery was not life threatening. Doctors advised the man to remove the two objects after landing in Argentina as when they are extracted, it would bring millions of dollars in fortune!

It can only happen in Bolehland - Why Lie-dis n Lie-dat?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teoh was murdered? - Murder And Cover-up Conspiracy?

Once again BolehLand is in the global news, not for any world feat that does the country proud but rather one of notoriety, shame, humiliation and embarassment to the people, the family members and the government.

It is on a murder most foul comparable to the shocking C-4ing of an innocent Mongolian Altantuya.

The concluded second autopsy is being revealed even before next year's official hearing of it in January. See story below.

So the second autopsy is revealing something which BolehLand fellos all along suspected that Teoh mysterious plunge to death in MACC vicinity was not 'sudden death' as the government sought to conclude when his body was discovered in July 2009. Teoh was very likely MURDERED.

Does Dr Prontip's conclusion point to a Murder And Cover-up Conspiracy that will further tarnish the public's faith, confidence and belief in the MACC including the government?

So what do we make of those who love to use the word 'jump'.

... and how would we know that he would jump out of the building?" Nazri, the de facto law minister added...Nazri also said that since the circumstances surrounding the death remain unclear, Pakatan Rakyat should not jump to conclusions..." July 16, 2009, Malaysiakini

... Hishammuddin said he was disappointed that certain parties had raised baseless accusations over the matter although investigations were ongoing. “We must not
jump the gun on this matter. Let the police complete their investigations first,” he said.July 19, 2009, Star.

SHAH ALAM, July 16 – Selangor CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said tonight the authorities had classified the death of Teoh Beng Hock as sudden death and do not see any evidence of foul play so far. “So far the police do not see any suspicious circumstances in this case and will wait for the report. We will carry out the investigation properly and thoroughly,” he said...July 16, 2009. Malaysian Insider

So what's the next step now with this latest verdict? Who's going to and should we not jump up in rage at those responsible for not carrying out a through investigation in the first instance?

“,...On the Royal Commission... We want to establish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The process of investigation will be forthright and transparent as we regard every human life to be sacrosanct and civil liberties to be firmly upheld.” The inquest, Najib said,would determine the cause of death, adding that he would personally meet Teoh’s family to inform them of the findings. “I will personally see his family to let them know the outcome. Most importantly, we want to find the truth.” ...July 23, 2009, NST.

If the truth is found Teoh was murdered, will 1Malaysia do what he promised, personally see the family to let them know the truth. And also find the killer(s)?

Whether Dr Prontip's findings and conclusion will be 'conclusive he was murdered' is still left to be seen. After all, this is BolehLand and any shred of doubt can overturn a 'majority' finding! In such instances, 'majority' rule game does not apply compared to other issues. Perhaps murder and the right to justice isn't a sensitive issue to some while racial and religious rights are?

And out of respect for the pain Teoh's family and fiancée must feel, this posting will not deliberate on any more speculation or course of action needed.

We all know what must be done. Whether they get done is another matter. Perhaps to lessen the frustrations and digust, it is better not to mention the next course of actions that need to bring this to a closure. Suggestions and the murder may be considered 'frivolous' like the previous one!

God forbid it does not remain unresolved for the peace of mind of the family as well as the fate of the BN government!

But it is not too presumptuous to call for this:
Justice to Teoh Beng Hock! and all those who have been murdered and the killers not found or punished.


Teoh Beng Hock murdered
Tue, Dec 29, 2009,
KUALA LUMPUR: Teoh Beng Hock  was murdered. Top Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand has sufficient evidence to prove that he was killed.
The Parti Keadilan Rakyat organ, Suara Keadilan, reports in its latest edition that her forensic report will be presented at the January 7 inquest  into Teoh’s untimely death.
The weekly quotes unnamed Health Ministry sources as saying that Pornthip reached her conclusion after a second postmortem at the Sungai Buloh hospital.
The report adds that Pornthip has made known her findings to all TBHock 1 relevant groups, including the Teoh family and the Selangor government,  which commissioned her services.
Teoh was the political secretary to Selangor executive councillor  Ean Yong Hian Wah. Yong is the Seri Kembangan assemblyperson and a member of  DAP, a member party of the ruling coalition in Selangor.
On 15 July, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), investigating allegations of misappropriation of state allocations, raided Yong’s office. Teoh was questioned as a witness at the Selangor MACC office later that day.
At about 1.30pm the following day, a janitor found Teoh’s sprawled body on the fifth floor of the building.
The coroner’s court allowed Teoh’s remains be exhumed on Nov 21 for a second-post mortem.
Earlier in October Pornthip told coroner Azmil Mustapha Abas that based on photographs of his remains, she was 80 percent sure that Teoh was murdered.
The second autopsy was witnessed by British pathologist Prof Dr Peter Venezis acting for MACC,  Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim and Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar.

Trusting the AG's Chamber more than a Royal Commission?

The Malay Mail frontpage today, 'Forget it, says Nazri', Dec 29, 2009, finally puts an end to the debate if Royal Commission will be set up for the missing jet as well as allegations of Tun M's RM100 billion spending spree during his Premiership.

"If everything has to go through a Royal Commission, then what's the use of the A-G's Chambers?", said Nazri.

Yes indeed, everything does go through the AG's Chamber, all those allegations of dirty politicians, judges, cops, heads of states, cheat...I mean chief ministers, government leaders and officers and also a whole lot on the oppositions. Bet there is a mountain high of police reports by both BN and Pakatan fellos as high as the Petronas Twin Towers.

But does anything come out from the huge pipeline of alleged scums and dirt that land in the AG's Chamber? Mostly a trickle gets through and most of these are related to Pakatan fellos!

One can interpret Nazri's statement as Nazri seems to have more trust in the Attorney-General's Chambers than in any Royal Commission.

It is like telling the public, at least those who are not the pro-government camp, that they should trust more in the MACC, than the RC on the TBH case or in fighting corruption!

Perhaps the AG is more trustworthy than a Royal Commission. Hey, the AG Chamber even dismissed the RC on the Lingam case, which can be interpreted as the AG is smarter and has a more acute sense of what is truth and falsehood that those RC's fellos!

And the public was also made to trust the AG to act justly and quickly on the 'black eye' incident some years back, remember?

Perhaps the problem is not the AG's Chamber, rather the top fello who is the problem. After all, we are certain there are decided fellos there who still believe in justice or at least how they perceive it depending on who is involved or what party affiliation the allegations are made against.

Perhaps it's the issue with the No1 fello in the AG's Chamber, a controversial fello who is as believable politician whether from the BN or Pakatan party.

The AG's Office reputation hasn't been that all trustworthy looking at some of its decision on important cases and issue. Granted that in law one shouldn't be swayed by the court of public opinion, the decision of the AG on some highly controversial case defies even those who are learned in the law.

The difference between an AG making a decision and a judge is the AG seems to have more definite powers in his decision. Once he says 'NO' it's a 'NO' or 'YES' it's a 'YES', whether it deals with death under police custody or the ISA.

The judge on the other hand when he gives judgement, it can be overturned, a see-saw decision as we saw on the Perak case as well as even relating to a religious issue on the use of the word 'Allah'.

And who really believes an AG's decision is based on the rule of law or justice, independent and free from any influence? Does he decide without fear or favour?

BolehLand fellos suspect the AG is not always independent and most times under the dictate of the government who appointed him and pays his salary!

If the AG can be entrusted to give a through explanation of the missing jet planes and then decide to go all out to nail those responsible, kudos to him.

And the AG's Chamber will improve its credibility further if it decides to investigate and call for an RC on the missing jet engines as well as on allegations against ole Tun.

But that would be asking too much of the AG Chamber's right?

To regain the dignity and honour of the AG's Chamber, perhaps an RC should be formed to really unclog the scum dirt reports that have clogged the Chamber and flush out those in the Chamber responsible for hiding away all the dirt blocking them from ever flowing out into the open for the public's knowledge.

Meanwhile, Tun M's alleged billion ringgit 'scandal' would be treated as just 'fiction' similar to what Tun himself feels of Wain's Malaysian Maverick, 'a fiction as well".

No Cheer on Credit Card Service Tax

The imminent imposition of credit card service tax is going to affect the number of such cards held by an individual.

The Star report today on how the issuers are going to settle the service tax for their cardholders.
Star, Dec 29, 2009
The conclusion is banks are not going to pay for the cardholders as otherwise rumoured. It would be interesting what those banks who are asking customers to pay will handle it tax. Maybank for one has already said that the rewards points can be used to offset the charges and the Star report confuses customers if they have changed it to disallow customers to use their rewards point to offset the tax! Their website at Maybank2u said that rewards points can be used. Why the difference in the Star report and their website?

A check with RHB also said they allow for rewards points to offset the service charge. Wonder why the Star report is giving conflicting reports and confusing the public? Someone must not be telling the truth!

So how many reward points to use to offset the service tax? Seems an average of RM500 spent monthly will be enough or a total of 10,000 points to get a RM50 rebate. And if the cardholder has to pay for the annual fee for those kiasu bank who still charges such fees, it will mean spending about RM2000 a month or so to use your points to pay for say RM125 annual fee if it is not waived as well as the service tax! It means getting you to spend more and incurring lots of debts for someone who wants to enjoy using the reward points to pay for the annual fee and the service tax? Which defeats the whole purpose of the service tax, right?

Have surrendered two cards and keeping my charge and three other cards, one of which is in the safe for autobills. The cards were offered free anyway and no fee waiver so it's manageable. Besides, since I settle all my bills before the 3rd or 5th each month, they is more than enough points to pay for the service taxes.

The cardholders' request is for the banks to absorb the service tax, after all, especially those who have been good customers and spend so much and not owe them a sen. Talk about appreciating loyalty. When the loyal customer is a good customer he is often ignored and forgotten. Only when you forget or  pay one sen less, they will come after you, sending debt collectors and legal letters threatening your life with more debts!

Looking at the generous rebates to entice customers to spend, it seems the banks are already paying for the customers as each rebate the cardholders receives, the card issuer actually pay out to the merchants! Which means they are paying the service tax for the customers on top of also giving reward points. So it's like a double rebate! So that makes sense and if the cardholders don't save the rebate to offset the service tax, they are only to be blamed.

If that's what the rebate is meant to help in the service tax, besides encouraging cardholders to spend, spend, spend, then the card issuer and banks can say they are actually paying for the customer. But they can't because it will defeat what do they call it, the 'spirit of imposing the service tax by 1Malaysia!'

And the 'spirit' we are told is to reduce credit card debts by reducing the number of cards held by an individual. But we all know the real reason is to tax innocent and good cardmembers to make up for the shortage in revenue collection.

If one is a spendthrift, even if he holds one card, he will still spend. Those who need more 'overdrafts' will hold more than one and what is paying the service tax if they can get money upfront for whatever they need? It's like gamblers, you can't kick the habit by closing down the lotteries and gaming shops. They will just find other outlets to gamble!

If everyone keeps one card, 1Malaysia isn't going to get his over half a billion ringgit and very much less if the whole card population is reduced to one or two cards per person. It doesn't even reduce the current huge credit card outstanding debt owed by those who hold multiple or even a single card. They will take the same amount of time to settle it with one or five cards as the amount only gets accumulated into one card!

Instead of only imposing the tax on the bank that the cardholder has taken the card, 1Malaysia has decided on individual cards. It will mean the demise of many co-brand cards and perhaps the Islamic credit cards because the cardholder will only hold one card that offers the best value for money. This may be good in the long run so that the card issuer will give a fair better deal on benefits and privileges to every cardholder than offer it to those who hold this or that card!

Will we see more benefits and higher value attached to one card now? Card issuers are really terribly slow in showing innovation. Instead of offering 10 cards, one for petrol, one for shopping, one for travel, one for electronic benefits and so on, why can't they offer such privileges attached to one card! Offer it like a seasonal benefit, one period for household, one for travel, one for eateries, etc. That way you need one card to enjoy the different seasons of privileges and sale. That way you do away with so many co-brand cards!

1Malaysia is really targetting the wrong people to make up for the extravagance the government is indulging in and the increasing debt they incur with their grandiose programmes as well as 'leakages'. They are actually worse than the recalcitrant credit card fello. They spend beyond their means and get away with it by taxing others!

If they imposed this service card to curb excessive and debts among credit cardholders, shouldn't BolehLand fellos also impose a tax on them for being bad spenders and creating huge debts that our future generation will suffer more? Since we can't impose a tax on them, perhaps remove them in the coming GE then! As they have taken away so much cheer in our lives, it's time they feel the sufferings as ordinary folks in the next GE!